MTRI has several committees that direct and inspire its activities. Committees are made up of staff and volunteers, and anyone can join.



Education and Communication

This committee plans for education and communication projects that communicate local research results and heighten community understanding of ecological integrity, cultural values, and sustainable resource use.


Research and Monitoring

This committee oversees research and monitoring projects and working groups focusing on species at risk, aquatic health, landscape connectivity, and riparian buffers.



This committee oversees the maintenance and renovations for the field station to facilitate research that supports the mandate of MTRI.



This committee oversees the finances of MTRI and works to gain funding for the research work, field station and other aspects of running MTRI.



This comittee oversees the fundraising efforts of MTRI, by developing fundraising goals, initiatives and implementing events.



This committee is composed of the chairs of all committees listed above, including the chair of board of directors and the executive director. The planning committee guides fundraising programs, and establishes the big picture of the strategy, direction and management of the organization.